Jana Winters Parkin

 Jana Winters Parkin teaches watercolor painting at Utah Valley University, and is a popular workshop instructor statewide.

Jana grew up playing in her father’s studio. When she expressed an interest, he patiently guided her through her first few paintings. Holding the brush together, they dipped it in water and paint, then watched in awe as it dispersed a beautiful blend of color across a pristine sheet of textured paper. This early childhood experience taught her a love of watercolor that has lasted throughout her life.  

Growing up, Jana often accompanied her father as he taught both painting and creativity workshops nationwide, from California and Hawaii to Florida, and even Europe. This early exposure to people and places, visual expression and creative thinking, has been invaluable.

In college, she spent summers away, studying first at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, then Cambridge University in England, and taking watercolor workshops in Monterey, California. She earned a BFA in Art from the University of Utah in 1987.   In 2001 she began to devote most of her creative time and energy to painting. Her watercolors have become both a source and an expression of pure joy. 

Jana’s work carries the warmth and energy of Southern California, and the love of natural surroundings of her native Utah — captured in vibrant color and exuberant washes. She captures the essence and spirit of both landscapes and figures with this characteristic joie de vivre. Her inspiration is found not only in her travels, but in the beauty, light and color of the everyday.  Whether jubilant or serene, each painting is a celebration of life, energy and creation. 

(This bio is an excerpt from her website.

We are so thrilled to have Jana teach our watercoloring class on Sept 24th!! Check out her website www.janaparkin.com to see more of her beautiful work!