Hello Spring


We took a little break from hosting gatherings to focus on our newest little baby who made his way here in January. It has been really good for our family to slow things down and love on our little sweetie. We're finally getting back into our rhythm and feeling ready to take on Workroom again! 

I have really loved putting these events together and making such sweet friendships with other women. It's been a dream of mine come true. During the months I stepped away I had lots of time to think about what I wanted from this space and community that we're hoping to build. To really focus on the purpose behind it all. The big WHY.  

Workroom is about friendship. It's about making time to take care of ourselves as women. To learn new things. To meet new people and pursue creativity. So from here on out we're taking a fresh approach. When you purchase a ticket to a Workroom gathering you'll ONLY be paying for the cost of the event. Thats it. 

Our purpose isn't to make a profit. It's to build a community for women. Removing that business mindset and pressure has opened up so many beautiful opportunities and directions to take Workroom. I won't make a penny off of these gatherings... and to be honest I don't want to. This place all came about from my own desire to make new friendships and keep creativity alive in my life as a woman, a wife, and a mother. And that feels like more than enough in return. 

Our first gathering of the year will be held on April 22nd in Heber City, Utah. We will be hosting the event in our home, something I'm really excited about! We're going to be making a spring cleaning supply kit with all natural solutions. My sister Rachel is a holistic heath coach and she'll be teaching!! 

Tickets will be available on Mon the 10th. We'll have 12 seats open for grabs! Hope to see you there!!